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There are lots of local festivals around the Lake Como area, some local and some national. January 6th saw about 5,000 people gathered in Piazza Duomo, in Como for the festival of La Befana. La Befana is the Christmas witch who brings presents to the children. The story is that when the 3 Wise Men were travelling to take their gifts to the new born Jesus, they stopped at the house of an old lady to ask the way. She didn’t know but they suggested she join them on the journey. She said that she was too busy doing housework, but after they’d left she changed her mind and tried to catch up. She couldn’t find them, but stopped and gave a gift to every small child that she met, hoping that one was Jesus.
So now Italian children leave stocking for their gifts the night before January 6th. In Como this year, La Befana was aided by the local Fire Brigade, who had set up cables for her to make her entrance from the tower of the Broletto building. (Broletto is next to the cathedral (Duomo) and goes back to 1215.

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There’s a webcam in the village of Nesso.

Nesso Webcam

It takes a snapshot 6 times a day, and if you are using Internet Explorer you can click on each image to put it in the main window (I’m a Firefox user myself, but do use Explorer for this one thing…)
In the far distance on the other side of Lake Como, you can see the end of the village of Laglio (where George Clooney lives, although his place isn’t quite in sight!) and the buildings just visible on the far right are part of the pretty village of Brienno….this is a closer shot of Brienno with one of the planes from the Aero Club Como just about to take off….(unfortunately, I chopped off the church tower in this pic, but you get the idea…)

Brienno taken from the apartment window

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