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Lake Como has been used as a movie location on many occasions. Here’s a few of the most famous ones.

James Bond: Casino Royale (12)
Two locations in this one. First is Villa Balbianello, which is where Bond recuperates after his torture by La Chiffre. (you can get there from Nesso by taking the ferry to Lenno)The other is the last scene of the movie, where Bond shoots Mr White, and takes place in front of Villa La Gaeta which is up in San Siro, nearer the top of the Lake.

James Bond: Quantum of Solace (12)The film continues immediately after the events of Casino Royale with Bond
driving from Lake Como to Siena, Italy with the captured Mr. White

Ocean’s 12 (PG)Villa Erba in Cernobio was the location for Francois Toulour’s estate….and very handy for George Clooney’s place in Laglio!

Star Wars; Attack of the Clones (PG) Villa Balbianello was used for Anakin and Padmé’s wedding.

A Month on the Lake (Ein Sommer am See) (PG) And it was Villa Balbianello for this lovely film starring Vanessa Redgrave, Edward Fox and Uma Thurman.

The Other Man (15) more scenes shot on Lake Como

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