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I have been meaning to write this post since way back in March this year, when we were in Nesso. We have been eating at the Tre Rose for ages. It’s is a simple clean hotel with beautiful views, and a lovely restaurant which also has a terrace on the other side of the road overlooking the lake.

The Tre Rose

The whole place is run by the fantastic Antoinetta; here’s a picture of her from a few years ago


She doesn’t speak English, but it really doesn’t matter at all!

In March we were there on the weekend of Festa della Donna (we saw lots of traditional Mimosa flowers and also Mimosa cakes for sale) which meant it was a busy Saturday evening in Tre Rose. We had a drink before dinner at the cafe just opposite (which is also where you buy bus tickets) and just as we got to the restaurant it started to get busy with lots of locals.
There were groups of friends dining and various teenagers popping in and out, chatting at the bar, and saying Hi to Mum & Dad who were there eating. The atmosphere was lovely and as always the food was great; you can choose from pizza, or have the more formal Antipasti, Primo, Secondo etc.

Of course in addition to the lovely Antoinetta, the other star of the Tre Rose is Carlotta…and here she is….

Finally they have free wifi, which is always useful.


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