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Here’s a piece from the Herald newspaper, written by a journalist who stayed in Nesso on Lake Como and did some walking and foragin

The Herald Magazine

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The lovely Rachel let us know, via another post, that the cable car is open again. She also sent this very useful link  which gives the opening times and fares. It’s a bit complicated to work out, but the first column labeled ORARIO INVERNALE SCOLA operates during the school term (Sept 11th – June 10th approx) starting at 0640 and the second column, ORARIO ESTIVO, are the Summer holiday times, the first one leaves at 0830. The cable cars leave Pigra and Argengo at the same time and pass each other in the middle. By the way, there’s a gap in the service at lunchtime….molto Italiano!

The single adult fare is €2.90 and the return is €3.90. There are other prices shown including for a bicycle and also for an annual season ticket. As well as being a great way for tourists to see the lake, it’s a vital connection for the local communities.

We hope you enjoy your trip!

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If you want to see a stunning view like this, over Como town, but don’t fancy a long and steep walk

Como from Brunate

you can take the Funicular (funicolare, in Italian) up to Brunate from Como. This picture was taken a few years ago, but the view never fails to impress me; it feels like you could be flying!

I’ve just found this website about the Funicolare, which has lots of information about it (it was opened in 1894) Some of the info is a little out of date,  but it will give you an idea of the opening times and you can ‘enjoy’ the interesting translation into English.

Brunate is the start of the long walking trail from Como to Bellagio (this link has the all the info about it) but you can just do a short walk from the top of the funicular.


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This cable car is a lovely way to get up to the village of Pigra and see beautiful views of Lake Como from high up and I’ve posted a couple of times already with running times etc!

...and just look at the views you get as you go up!

Last year it had to stop running to allow for repair work, and there was even talk at one stage that it would never open again.  However I found a newspaper piece a few weeks ago and, with some Twitter translation help from @Germasino (thank you!), I can tell you what’s happening. (Of course if you speak good Italian, you can just read the piece yourself!)

There have been funding problems, but lots people including the town and regional authorities have stepped in to help. Major renovations have been done, and at the moment it us due to reopen in May 2011.  Fingers crossed for that!

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This post has been updated here.

We’re not sure if the cable car (funivia) is running at the moment. There seems to have  been a row about the funding of the renovations and we think that this might mean that it has already been closed, until work can be done.

However after trawling around the internet and wishing your Italian could cope with reading Italian newspapers better, we think that the money has now been sorted out for the work on the cable car to take place.

If you know any more about this, please let us know!

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Although the traditional season for Lake Como runs from about March to September/October it is very beautiful all the year round, although many attraction are closed out of season. If you just want an Italian getaway or fancy some walking high above the lake do consider coming outwith the traditional holiday time.

There’s a lovely route marked walk that goes along the ridge, all the way from Como to Bellagio. with great views. I’ll be putting the details either on the website or the blog in the not too distant future. You could easily split it up into sections and walk down to the road to catch the bus back to Nesso at the end of the day. We think that it would make a great Lake Como walking holiday, especially out of the main season, when the weather is cooler….
I’ll finish with a picture I took in November 2006. It’s up by the cyclists church (Madonna del Ghisallo, an amazing place, full of bicyles, photos etc) and the cycling museum which is at height of 754 metres.

View from Madonna del Ghisallo – Nov 2006.

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