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C30 Bus In Nesso

C30 Bus from Como to Bellagio stopping in Nesso.

This is the C30 bus from Como to Bellagio (on Lake Como) at the stop in Nesso.

The route starts at Como San Giovanne station (trains from Milano Centrale and Switzerland), goes along the lake front past Como Lago Nord station (trains from Milano Cadorna and Malpensa via Saronno) and continues to Bellagio via Nesso.

The C32 also follows this route but does not continue on to Bellagio.

It takes about 40 minutes by bus from Como to Nesso and about 30 minutes from Nesso to Bellagio.


Timetables for all Como area buses are available online here.

N.B.  Be careful on the weekend!  Many buses do not run on Sundays and public holidays, and some only run Monday to Friday (the school run).

I used the buses for years when I lived in Nesso.  They are usually on time.  The only frustrations are their infrequency on the weekend, and that the last bus is quite early: about 8pm.

Where to buy tickets.

Tickets can be bought at the bus station in Como (across the roundabout from Como Lago Nord station) or at shops and cafés nearby many of the bus stops.  The cost of the ticket depends upon how far you want to travel, so you need to say where you are traveling to. As Nesso is halfway between Como and Bellagio it costs the same for both journeys, so you can use the same ticket for either.

If you are arriving at Como San Giovanne station buy tickets at the station café and the stop is directly outside the door.  If you are arriving at Como Lago Nord station the stop is right outside the station as you walk towards the lake, but you’ll need to cross over the round-about to buy your tickets from the station.

In Nesso you can buy tickets at a shop below the road near to Hotel Tre Rose.  The shop keeps rather erratic hours, and is likely to be closed between midday and 4pm.

Having said all this, if the bus arrives before you’ve organised tickets you can just hop on and the driver will stop at one of the places en-route where you are able to buy them. He will wait while you pop in and do so.  It’s rather a leap of faith to leave your luggage on the bus, go into a crowded café and buy bus tickets in a foreign language, all the while worrying if the driver will get impatient and drive off.  If you’ve never done it before and don’t speak Italian this can be very confusing and uncomfortable.  Better to get your tickets in advance if you have time!

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The annual art exhibition at Villa Olmo on Lake Como was in doubt this year, but a few weeks ago it was confirmed that for 2011 you will be able to see works by Giovanni Boldini and other artists of the Belle Epoque.

The exhibition opens next week on Friday the 25th of March and runs until July the 24th.  The Villa is right on the lake edge with beautiful gardens, not far from Como town centre (map). As well as the works of Boldini you will be able to see pieces by Giuseppe De Nittis, Federico Zandomeneghi and Vittorio Corcos.

Lady in Red by Giovanni Boldini

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If you want to see a stunning view like this, over Como town, but don’t fancy a long and steep walk

Como from Brunate

you can take the Funicular (funicolare, in Italian) up to Brunate from Como. This picture was taken a few years ago, but the view never fails to impress me; it feels like you could be flying!

I’ve just found this website about the Funicolare, which has lots of information about it (it was opened in 1894) Some of the info is a little out of date,  but it will give you an idea of the opening times and you can ‘enjoy’ the interesting translation into English.

Brunate is the start of the long walking trail from Como to Bellagio (this link has the all the info about it) but you can just do a short walk from the top of the funicular.


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Last August we finally got around to hiring a boat on the lake, and had one of the most fun afternoons in a long while! You get a really different view of things from the water, and renting your own boat means that you get to choose what you see, how long you spend doing it and also swim from the boat. We got the boat from Rent Fun Boats in Fagetto Lario which is just down the road from Nesso. They are really helpful, and also speak English.  You pay for the boat by the hour, and also pay for the fuel that you use. We rented a 40hp boat, which is the biggest you can have without a license, but it certainly felt pretty powerful!

We spent about 3 hours pottering about in all taking a look at the bit of the lake between Bellagio down towards Como. We really can’t recommend this enough as a way to spend a few hours….
Here are some pictures from our trip.

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If you want to take part in some of the very Italian Christmas celebrations, get yourself to Piazza Duomo in Como on the 24th of December at 1600. Here you will see Santa Claus (Babbo Natale) arrive with presents for the children.

I’ve also mentioned La Befana. If you want to see her arrive (usually in spectacular style!) you’ll need to be in Piazza Duomo on January the 6th 2011 at 1600….and here’s a link to a video which really gives you a sense of being there!

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In Nesso then there are several small grocers in the village that will serve you well. However there are bigger supermarkets in Como, with a couple of branches of Carrefour (which used to be GS)
The nearest one to the ferry stop and bus stop is on the lakeside road…..

Supermarket with a view…that\’s Brunate behind up the hill

And I also took a picture of the opening times…these can vary around public holidays..

Opening times…..

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If you are ever in Como with your laptop and looking to get online there are very few places at the moment that do it, but I found two places I can recommend.

The best (for me anyway) is the tiny cafe ‘Seven Stars’ cafe at Via Garibaldi 42. If you’ve just arrived and are walking from the main railway station (Como, San Giovanni) towards the centre of town it’s on the left just across the traffic lights from that sculpture of two huge hands. You’ll see them don’t worry! The place has been run since the beginning of 2010 by a charming guy named Simone. He decided to see if offering free wi-fi would help business. I hope he keeps doing it, as few other places are. The place is tiny, but it’s in a convenient location and has plenty of power sockets. A tucked away and quiet little spot to settle in with a coffee or an aperetivo and catch up on some emails.

The only other place I could find was Bar Touring on Piazza Cavour (which is the main square down by the ferry ticket office). It’s a bit of a larger and more trendy place (in the Italian sense of the word!) and many of the young staff in there speak English. An even more convenient location, but they have few power sockets. Also it seems a bit like a place to ‘see and be seen’, so I felt a bit conspicuous sitting there with my laptop… or maybe I just felt a bit old! Either way I guess it’s nice, if you are in the mood, that you also get the chance to watch the world walking by as you check your emails.

That’s about all I could find in Como town centre. Please drop us a comment if you find somewhere else and we’ll check it out next time we’re in town. 🙂

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There’s a a big art exhibition each year at Villa Olmo in Como, and while we were there a few days ago, I saw the advert for this year!

See Reubens at Villa Olmo!

So, as you can hopefully see from the picture, the exhibition runs from the 27th March to the 25th of July 2010.

The weather was cold but sunny, while we were there and the lake and mountains still looked stunning. Como is a great town to wander round, with many lovely individual shops. I’m aiming to post some photos that I took while we were there.


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With Manchester United’s Champions League trip to Milan looming on the 16th of February, and Chelsea’s the week after on the 24th, it seems a good time to mention the stadium tour and museum at the famous San Siro stadium. The museum is the only one housed inside a stadium in Italy and it’s open every day from 1000 until 1700 (with some variations on match days) The museum is full of AC Milan and Inter Milan memorabilia and you can visit it and also do the Stadium tour, or just check out the museum. The entrance is by Gate 14 and this is the stadium website sansirotour.com

Ah…there he is…..

If you are staying in Nesso  you can drive into Milan, or get the bus or ferry to Como, and hop on the train into Milan. If you take the train from Como Nord, which is right by the bus stop, and a very short walk from the ferry, it will take you to Milano Cardorna, take about an hour but conly cost €3.60 return. A slightly further walk is Como San Giovanni, where you can get the train to Milano Centrale, it takes 34 minutes, but costs €10.50 return. This map of Como town centre shows you the stations etc.

But when you’ve finished in the big city, you can head back to the peace of Lake Como…..

The ferry stop at Nesso

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There are lots of local festivals around the Lake Como area, some local and some national. January 6th saw about 5,000 people gathered in Piazza Duomo, in Como for the festival of La Befana. La Befana is the Christmas witch who brings presents to the children. The story is that when the 3 Wise Men were travelling to take their gifts to the new born Jesus, they stopped at the house of an old lady to ask the way. She didn’t know but they suggested she join them on the journey. She said that she was too busy doing housework, but after they’d left she changed her mind and tried to catch up. She couldn’t find them, but stopped and gave a gift to every small child that she met, hoping that one was Jesus.
So now Italian children leave stocking for their gifts the night before January 6th. In Como this year, La Befana was aided by the local Fire Brigade, who had set up cables for her to make her entrance from the tower of the Broletto building. (Broletto is next to the cathedral (Duomo) and goes back to 1215.

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