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We went to Lake Como in September and had beautiful sunny weather all week. We discovered the the Summer ferry timetable had a couple more ferries stopping in Nesso, which was great news. It enables you to use the ferries to get to and from Como town for the afternoon and also we did a lovely trip from Nesso to Menaggio to Varenna to Bellagio and back to Nesso on the last ferry of the afternoon.
We were able to buy a pass to cover the whole trip. There isn’t a ticket office at Nesso, but you just get on the ferry and buy tickets from the little office on board.
We planned to head to Menaggio for lunch, but were able to just admire the scenery as the ferry stopped at other spots along the way.
We passed by Argegno, where you can catch the cable car up to Pigra (the cable car reopened in June 2011)


Sala Comacina and the villa they used in the X Factor…..

Sala Comacina

The X Factor Villa

And of course Villa Balbienello, used many times as a movie location.

Villa Balbienello

Next we passed by Tremezzo for the beautiful Villa Carlotta.


If you are visiting the Villa, it has its own ferry stop, just up from the main one for Tremezzo.

Villa Carlotta

A bit of a zig zag across to Bellagio, but we were planning to visit later in the day

Into Bellagio

And then we headed across to Menaggio for lunch


Menaggio ferry stop


We decided against the Youth Hostel and the Bistro Pub,

Things in Menaggio

but as it was obviously lunchtime, we thought we’d better find somewhere…

Lunchtime in Menaggio

The restaurant we ate in was in this street (via Carlo Camozzi) and called Bar Constantin Pizzeria. We had nice beer and pizza and there were quite a few locals in there too.

via Carlo Camozzi

Menaggio is a pleasant town, but there’s much more to see in other places and if you want to shop you need to go to Bellagio or preferably Como town. So we returned to the ferry and set forth once more.

Farewell Menaggio

Our next destination was Varenna, a very pretty town.

Arriving in Varenna

We didn’t get to the Castle of Vezio…

Castle of Vezio

But enjoyed a pleasant walk along the waterfront on a walkway and then up into the town where we explored the streets and shops.

Varenna church

By now it was time to leave for Bellagio where we explored the shops..

Bellagio silk shop

Bellagio – more silk

Bellagio shopping in the shade

Bellagio restaurant

Bellagio, more of that famous silk

And as we waited for the ferry to take us back to Nesso, eating our ice cream, we realised that we were in for a real treat as the Concordia pulled up.

Concordia arrives

Concordia is a paddle steamer originally launched in 1927 and now powered by oil.

Concordia’s engine

Concordia was built in Genoa

Inside Concordia

Inside view of Concordia’s paddles

Concordia paddle close up

Concordia – just amazing to be so close…

Inside the depths of Concordia’s engine

And I wasn’t the only one who was fascinated…

Concordia – just taking a look….

But if paddles steamer engines aren’t your bag, there’s still a very fine salon to sit in…

Concordia’s inside seating

Back to the stunning views, we pulled out of Bellagio to head back

View of Bellagio

And passed the lovely Villa Melzi, which you can visit from Bellagio

Villa Melzi

As we returned to Nesso, we had a lovely early evening view of the Roman bridge, where Hitchcock shot some scenes for his 1925 film, The Pleasure Garden.

Roman Bridge, Nesso

The Nesso ferry stop is looked after by this lovely gentleman and his sister

Home to Nesso

We were back in time to catch the sunset from the garden, with a wee glass of prosecco.

Casa del Nibbio Bruno, Nesso

For the ferry timetables, which change between Summer and Winter, this is the website link for the ferry company.

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Friends of ours with their 2 children stayed in Nesso in August and sent us some of their pictures.
This is a lovely picture taken from right by where the ferry stops in Nesso.

Nesso by the ferry
On one of the days they took the ferry over to Argengo and then took the cable car up to Pigra….

Cable Car to Pigra View from Pigra Cable Car

The cable car is quite old and quaint, but rather like going up in a ski lift….they shut for a while around midday, so it’s good to check the times up and down….As you can see, you get an amazing view….as long as you are OK with heights!
Cable Car!
When you get up to Pigra, apart from the amazing views, you can walk from there and get a meal in the village.
Another recommended day out was to take the ferry over to Lenno (which is just next to Villa Balbienello, where they filmed some scenes from Star Wars-Attack of the Clones). There’s a beach (lido) there with a bar, and restaurant….
As you can see….a good time was had by all! Lido di Lenno

Another place we’d heard about, but haven’t been to ourselves, is the Jungle Raider Park. It’s a fantastic adventure park, which is really a big obstacle course in the trees.
It’s not far from Nesso (in Civenno Park, Piano Rancio near Magreglio) and the team there are very hot on the safety and also speak English.
Jungle Raider Joe Mick, Joe and Amy had a great time up in the trees…here’s Joe doing his stuff, looking like he’s been raiding jungles all his life! Not sure that this is a typically Italian pastime, but good fun!

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