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Here’s a piece from the Herald newspaper, written by a journalist who stayed in Nesso on Lake Como and did some walking and foragin

The Herald Magazine

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We were in Nessoat the end of September. The weather was still lovely and on a couple of days it was up to 26C. A lot of of our friends and neighbours were very busy going out into the woods mushroom picking; one friend explained that the moon was right so he was going first thing in the morning. Another neighbour had an amazing collection of different types and explained exactly how each one should be used eg. this should be fried with steak…. We’re a tad hesitant about venturing forth collecting mushroom ourselves, as we’re not sure how to decide which ones are edible and that’s not a mistake that you want to make! However next year I think that we have to get someone to take us up in the woods above Nesso and show us what we can pick.
There were plenty of chestnuts on the paths around Nesso. It’s another big thing in the area at this time of year and I was tempted to collect some to take home for chestnut stuffing. They are a big Italian export and they feature in recipes from Lombardy (Lake Como is in Lombardy)
I’ll finish with this picture I took while we were there, a rather lovely view from the lakeside garden, looking down the lake towards Como.

September Lake

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