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The lovely Rachel let us know, via another post, that the cable car is open again. She also sent this very useful link  which gives the opening times and fares. It’s a bit complicated to work out, but the first column labeled ORARIO INVERNALE SCOLA operates during the school term (Sept 11th – June 10th approx) starting at 0640 and the second column, ORARIO ESTIVO, are the Summer holiday times, the first one leaves at 0830. The cable cars leave Pigra and Argengo at the same time and pass each other in the middle. By the way, there’s a gap in the service at lunchtime….molto Italiano!

The single adult fare is €2.90 and the return is €3.90. There are other prices shown including for a bicycle and also for an annual season ticket. As well as being a great way for tourists to see the lake, it’s a vital connection for the local communities.

We hope you enjoy your trip!

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This post has been updated here.

We’re not sure if the cable car (funivia) is running at the moment. There seems to have  been a row about the funding of the renovations and we think that this might mean that it has already been closed, until work can be done.

However after trawling around the internet and wishing your Italian could cope with reading Italian newspapers better, we think that the money has now been sorted out for the work on the cable car to take place.

If you know any more about this, please let us know!

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Friends of ours with their 2 children stayed in Nesso in August and sent us some of their pictures.
This is a lovely picture taken from right by where the ferry stops in Nesso.

Nesso by the ferry
On one of the days they took the ferry over to Argengo and then took the cable car up to Pigra….

Cable Car to Pigra View from Pigra Cable Car

The cable car is quite old and quaint, but rather like going up in a ski lift….they shut for a while around midday, so it’s good to check the times up and down….As you can see, you get an amazing view….as long as you are OK with heights!
Cable Car!
When you get up to Pigra, apart from the amazing views, you can walk from there and get a meal in the village.
Another recommended day out was to take the ferry over to Lenno (which is just next to Villa Balbienello, where they filmed some scenes from Star Wars-Attack of the Clones). There’s a beach (lido) there with a bar, and restaurant….
As you can see….a good time was had by all! Lido di Lenno

Another place we’d heard about, but haven’t been to ourselves, is the Jungle Raider Park. It’s a fantastic adventure park, which is really a big obstacle course in the trees.
It’s not far from Nesso (in Civenno Park, Piano Rancio near Magreglio) and the team there are very hot on the safety and also speak English.
Jungle Raider Joe Mick, Joe and Amy had a great time up in the trees…here’s Joe doing his stuff, looking like he’s been raiding jungles all his life! Not sure that this is a typically Italian pastime, but good fun!

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