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My partner used to live in an apartment on Lake Como in the village of Nesso. Nibbio Bruno is the Italian word for Black Kite and there are a number that live nearby and can be seen diving for fish outside the apartment window. I love to photograph them and am convinced that one deliberately taunts me, by flying close to the living room windows when I’ve managed to leave my camera in another room, or have the wrong lens attached! However I love to try and get better and better images of him and will just keep trying.
That Nibbio Bruno
We had a bit of a time trying to get the correct Italian name for him. A number of neighbours said he was a Poiana, but that appeared to be the translation for Buzzard. There are also a number of different dialect words from the different villages that added to the confusion. But finally having looked at some pictures and researched a bit, we decided that he is a Black Kite (Milvus migrans) and that the Italian is Nibbio Bruno….at least that’s what we are calling the one that flies past the apartment in the village of Nesso and sometimes fails to catch his fish. Just to confuse things even more, bruno is Italian for brown……
Nibbio Bruno misses his fish

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